Virtual Tidy Upgrade

Virtual Tidy Upgrade


Virtual Tidy Upgrade

Get professional support and accountability to make tidying smooth and easy.  Whether you’re outside of the St. Louis area or desire to shelter-in-place due to Covid-19, virtual lessons from Tidy Upgrade are the answer for your struggles getting tidy.  During your Virtual Tidy Upgrade, you can expect:

  • Vision mapping your ideal lifestyle
  • Planning the when and how your tidying marathon
  • Discussing the KonMari™ metric “Does it spark joy?”
  • Counseling through the decision-making process
  • Accountability – your tidy transformation WILL happen

Get unstuck and get:

  • Answers your questions about the tidying process
  • Ideas and suggestions for storage
  • A plan-of-action detailing your next steps to get tidy

Contact Tidy Upgrade and get started today!

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