“Thank you Lisa, YOU have been my great God sent Blessing in all of this work we have been able to accomplish. Without you, I think I would have been broken by now. You have been an intricate key to our success!! The process of purging, organizing has been overwhelming, and you were so very helpful & encouraging through it all.” ~D.T.


“The house looks incredible! We would have never gotten there without your advice, counsel and most of all your unswerving efforts. We’re certainly going to be signing your praises to all our friends and family.” ~E.C.


“Lisa, you have no idea how much I appreciate you helping me set up my new home and get organized! You were a God-send. You got me off to a GREAT start with all your expertise.” ~K.V.


“Thank you Lisa for your kind, gentle guidance to see me through this journey. I could not have done it without you. I highly recommend Lisa to help you find your joy sparkers.”~A.V.


“Lisa came into my chaos and brought order. With 5 kids, organizing and going through things gets put on the back burner. She showed me how removing clutter creates more space for living life, and taking a few minutes each day to do that will make our home more enjoyable. I can’t think her enough for the patience and help she gave.” ~M.F.