How to Prepare for Your Tidying Festival

In general, there is not much you need to do to prepare. Here are a few things that may help…

Refresh Yourself on the KonMari Method®. You might take a look in the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo or Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo on Netflix.

Consider Your “Why.” Why do you want to tidy your home? Craft Your Tidy Vision here. We will go deeper into your vision when I arrive for your Initial Session.

Gather Supplies. You may want some garbage bags or empty cardboard boxes to contain your discards when we tidy. It is sometimes helpful to have some small boxes that spark joy on hand for storing items.

Prepare Your Space.

  • Please do laundry before your clothing session so everything is clean. Matching hangers spark joy for most clients. If you do not have these already, please consider purchasing some before your session.
  • If we will be reviewing papers, please check with your attorney or CPA for recommendations regarding discarding legal, financial, and accounting documents. I will provide you with general guidelines, but your personal advisors can provide direct guidance based on your specific situation.

Your First Session.

  • We will begin by establishing your vision for your home and life.
  • Next, we greet the home. During the Home Greeting, you will take a moment of gratitude for the home and how it supports you.
  • Then, I’ll ask for a quick tour of your home.
  • Then, we’ll get tidying! We’ll gather YOUR belongings, focusing on one category at a time (the order of the categories is typically clothing > books > paper > komono > sentimental). We will sort manageable sub-categories so you can choose the items that bring you joy.
  • Once you have selected the items that spark joy, we will store them efficiently and beautifully. Keep in mind that storage may be temporary until tidying is complete.
  • If the session occurs during the lunch-hour, expect a break to eat. I will bring my own lunch and snacks, so you just need to have something for yourself.