Seven Simple Steps to Purify Your Space

Seven Simple Steps to Purify Your Space

Two years ago I helped a client move into a new home and unpack.  This week, I helped her move out.  Since she had already completed her big tidying event, she instead asked me to come perform a home cleansing ritual.  I had never done anything like this, but I wanted to try.  It seemed new-agey, which is not my style, but I do value peace, harmony, and cleansing.  With the client’s perspective in mind, I put together a fitting ritual.  It was exquisite!  Here I share with you some simple tips to cleanse your home so you can purify your space with mindful intention.  Home Cleansing is especially relevant before moving out, but after completing your tidying event or at year-end are other great times to cleanse your space.  

Before you begin, gather your supplies.  For the Tidy Upgrade Home Cleansing Ritual, I used a tuning fork, incense, an incense holder, salt, and a small bowl to hold the salt.  A pen and paper or a journal are optional, and encouraged.  When you do your home cleansing, use your own creative ideas that feel right for you.  You may want to add or substitute music, essential oils, gratitude sharing with family, or special prayers.  I also dressed up to give the home a proper send-off.  Tidying your space as much as possible before the ritual will aid in creating a peaceful environment for your home cleansing. 


Fresh Air

Once you are properly dressed and have all your supplies at the ready, begin the Home Cleansing by opening the windows in the home.  Allow the fresh air to refresh you and your space.

Open the windows for fresh air


Home Greeting

Then, greet your home.  The home greeting Marie Kondo does with her clients involves taking a moment of gratitude for how your home serves you.  In the case of the home cleansing, kneel or sit on the floor, close your eyes, and think of all the ways your home supports you.  Be mindful to release any negativity, leaving your mind and body at peace. 



If you have one, use a tuning fork or something similar and set an objective for a clear, refreshed space.  Strike the tuning fork, close your eyes, and let the sound resonate in your body and through the space.  Repeat this action as desired.



Light a stick of incense, place it in an incense holder, then carry it through the home to cleanse the air.  During this time, show your gratitude, and thank the home for sheltering you and supporting you. Allow the incense to continue burning until it burns itself out.

Incense holder and burning incense



After touring the home with the incense, grab a small vessel of salt.  Sprinkle a pinch of salt in the corner of each room to purify your space.  After a day or two, sweep up the small piles.  If you have pets that freely roam your house like dogs or cats, you can safely drop a few grains in each corner for purity. 

sprinkling salt to purify the space
Sprinkling salt in the corner of each room

Visualize Your Ideal Lifestyle

With the incense still burning, find a seat in a comfortable location. This is where your pen and paper may come in handy. At this point, take a moment to visualize yourself living your ideal lifestyle in your home. What is your ideal lifestyle? How do you see yourself living in your home? What habits do you perform there on a daily basis? Open your mind and heart, allowing any changes to take place within you that better allow you to find your mission in life and freely carry it out.  If you are moving out, see yourself in your new space and consider how you would like to live in your new home.   

Visualize Your Ideal Lifestyle in a journal

I recommend writing this vision down to seal your commitment to achieving it.  Review your vision frequently and make adjustments to your habits as needed with determination to live a more joyful life. 


Reset The Space

Resetting the space is important after completing any activity you perform in your home. Resetting is essential to keeping your home tidy. Close the windows with gratitude for the fresh air. Restore items you have finished using to their homes with thanks for helping you. Finally, spread the remaining salt on the front steps. 

I was surprised how fitting this ritual felt to perform and witness!  It truly did leave a clear and refreshed feeling, similar to the feeling of tidying your space. 

While we’re on the subject of purifying your space, would you like to sweep the dirt of this year out of your home?  December is a great time to not only cleanse your space but to clean it as well!  I’ve already started to wash comforters and curtains, and dust my fan blades and cold air returns in my annual “Osouji,” or “Big Cleaning,” event.  Click for more about the year-end Japanese cleaning tradition known as Osouji.  

May the dirt of this year be gone, leaving you with a peaceful and purified space. Happy cleansing!


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