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Complementary Phone Consultation

Let’s talk tidy! Before we begin your Tidy Upgrade, let’s talk about your unique tidying needs.

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Book a Tidy Upgrade!

Choose 1 of our 4 Packages
  • Intro to Tidy Upgrade
  • Clothing Tidy Upgrade
  • The Step-By-Step Upgrade
  • Whole Home Tidy Upgrade

Intro to Tidy Upgrade


5-Hour Tidy Upgrade

  • Introductions and home greeting
  • Interview to identify your ideal lifestyle and vision for your tidy home
  • Tour of home, including all storage areas
  • “Before” pictures
  • Tidy Upgrade of clothing category

This option is great for someone who would like to try it before committing to a Whole Home Tidy Upgrade. 

Clothing Tidy Upgrade


5-Hour Tidy Upgrade

  • Tidy Upgrade of clothing category
    • Interview and vision mapping
    • Professional guidance and encouragement on selecting clothes that spark joy
    • Tidying Lesson on storing clothes to spark joy

Transform your closet and drawers! This package is for anyone who just wants to tidy their clothes, and experience a taste of Life-Changing Magic!


The Step-By-Step Upgrade


5-Hour Tidy Upgrade in your current category: Clothing, Books, Paper, Komono (miscellany), and Sentimental Items. Categories must be completed in order.

This option is perfect for someone who has tried the KonMari Method™ on their own and gotten stuck somewhere along the process.


Whole Home Tidy Upgrade


Transform your home and your life with Tidy Upgrade! This package includes:

  • Free phone consultation
  • Vision planning
  • Professional guidance through each category of the KonMari Method
  • Up to 6 Tidy Upgrade 5-hour sessions to be completed within 6 months.

Our best value package! This option is great for anyone committed to completing their tidying as soon as possible and achieving a life that sparks joy.


Prices are subject to change. Current clients who have already completed a Tidy Upgrade Service Agreement may continue at the agreed upon price. 
Satisfaction guaranteed!