Initial Session with Tidy Upgrade

Initial Session with Tidy Upgrade


Your Tidying Festival starts here!

Your Initial Session will last up to 5 hours. During your Initial Session, your organizing experience includes:

  • Exploring your vision for your ideal closet, home, and lifestyle
  • Learning how to feel joy in the body and make swift decisions
  • Identifying what clothes and accessories spark joy for you
  • Discarding with gratitude
  • Folding clothes so they stand vertically in drawers
  • Storing clothes so joy can flow in your space
  • Discovering how to clear space for more joy in your life

(Click to watch a 45-second time-lapse clothing tidy by Tidy Upgrade)

This option is great for anyone who is ready to jump-start their tidying with Tidy Upgrade! After your Initial Session, you will be able to purchase a customized package or more sessions individually to help you complete your tidying.

Satisfaction guaranteed!